Fleurs Et Fleurs

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Roses, roses, and more roses. Elevate any room with 12 of Rococo’s exquisite long stem Forever (TM) Roses. The classic one dozen roses, for your one true love. With Fleur et Fleur they’ll definitely be thinking of you 12 months a year.

Color: Burgundy
Light Pink
Hot Pink
Mint Blue

Bringing the entire garden to your doorstep, be bewitched by the beauty and fragrance of real roses. Open the Rococo™ classic black gloss monogrammed box. From the soft Louis blue to the freshest pinks we wanted to bring Versailles palace gardens to life with this set of a dozen roses. 

  • Fleurs Et Fleurs comes packaged in a sleek black box monogrammed with the iconic Rococo™ ‘r’
  • Flower Count: 12 Rococo Long-Stem Forever® Roses
  • Your roses are delicate, so handle with care. Gently extract your roses from the Fleurs Et Fleur box and arrange inside vessel of your choice. Display in a room temperature environment and keep out of direct sunlight. Rococo™ roses do not need water. To freshen up your blooms, lightly brush with a duster, then use a steamer/ humidifier and put the flowers in the mist for a few seconds. Avoid direct contact of flowers with light coloured fabrics or surfaces to reduce risk of staining.

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The flowers are so pretty and I can’t believe these are forever roses!! Also the packaging is TOP NOTCH the details are so well done and so gorgeous. This is definitely a great gift for myself!! I will also consider this when I want to gift my friends!!❤️❤️