At Rococo, we love love. We are lovers of art, beauty, and romance. An era of celebration and indulgence, inspired by the 18 th century French movement, we wanted to marry architectural luxury and elegance with romance and nature. So be a little Rococo with us. Live life with rose coloured lenses, with our experiential products that are as timeless as your relationships. Give yourself and your loved ones the joy of giving and receiving these one-of-a-kind arrangements, that you will love and remember today, and toujours.



From the second a Rococo™ reaches your doorstep to the moment you bask in the fragrant glow of our flowers- We deliver on the promise of a luxury experience. Fill your senses with the heavenly aroma of our forever blooms as you open our premium boxes. Designed with our spin on classic paintings from 18th century, The Rococo Experience will whisk you away to the french extravaganza of your dreams. Taking inspiration from the vivid and bold fashions of the era we brought back the floral prints on select boxes. priding ourselves on using the highest quality materials, these boxes are collectibles in their own right. Sleek charcoal boxes monogrammed with the iconic rococo™ ‘r’ for a one of a kind gifting experience.

Le Memoire displayed on a side table


At Rococo™ we believe in delivering the best quality florals, so we went to the source. Our global gardens are why we can provide you with the most luxurious and exquisite flowers. These delicate blooms come from all over the world, ensuring the highest quality.

Our roses are handpicked from the sunny mountains of Ecuador, famous for their ideal weather conditions. Known as the Queen of Roses, Ecuadorian roses are truly unparalleled in magnificence and beauty. Our hydrangeas are curated from Japan, native to some of the most diverse species of the flower. Our skilled artisans carefully handpick each bloom to get the most stunning varieties. We went to China’s stony slopes and pure riverbanks for the most glorious peonies. Working with farmers with decades of experience helps us ensure our high quality of florals, harvested at the peak of bloom.


Your handcrafted florals are delicate beauties handle with care and gently arrange inside the vase. Display in room temperature environment and keep out of direct sunlight.

Rococo™ flowers do not need water. To freshen up your florals, use a humidifier and put the flowers in the mist for a few seconds. Avoid direct contact of flowers with light coloured fabrics or surfaces to reduce risk of staining. In case dust collects, lightly brush with a duster. With proper care your flowers will stay fresh and fragrant for over a year.

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