Rococo’s Forever (TM) flowers last a year, and even longer with proper care. Their beauty, low maintenance and everlasting nature is simply unmatched by store bought flowers. Infused with natural aromas and scents, their freshness and fragrance also last for several weeks longer than traditional flowers.

Yes! All of our flowers are 100% real, grown in our global gardens, including Ecuador, Japan, and China. Each flower is sourced from its native or predominant producers for the highest quality flowers handpicked by experts.

Our everlasting flowers originate from rich and lively flower fields, carefully harvested during different stages of bloom. Through an exclusive method, their hues are extracted using a harmless solution. Additionally, they undergo treatment with hypoallergenic wax and natural oils. This unique formula, akin to silica, efficiently dehydrates the roses, contributing to their preservation. Following the dehydration phase, the flowers are immersed in dye, infusing them with vivid and lively shades.

All of our arrangements are designed with care and love into gorgeous gifts and home décor pieces that simply transform the feel of a room. With stunning porcelain pieces and a variety of Rococo’s Forever (TM) flowers, our arrangements are high quality luxury products made to last and impress.